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Community Access, Incorporated (CAI), working in partnership with the West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services (WVDRS) will implement the Pathways to the Future Program throughout the state of West Virginia. This program will support the design and implementation of programming and outreach while addressing the new direction mandated by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). Specifically, this program will address the five mandated pre-employment transition services for Vocational Rehabilitation clients, aged 14-21:

  1. To expand vocational knowledge and determine a specific vocational goal.
  2. To explore job functions and duties through work-based learning experiences.
  3. To expand knowledge of post-secondary training and educational training programs.
  4. To develop social skills and independent living skills through workplace readiness training.
  5. To develop greater knowledge of self-advocacy.

Pathways to the Future will ensure that all school districts in West Virginia are offered training and technical assistance in setting up community-based work experience programs for high school age youth with disabilities. A strong statewide outreach component will be included utilizing a variety of venues including billboards, social media, and direct marketing to teachers, parents, and students.

While the majority of transitioning Vocational Rehabilitation customers are students with developmental disabilities, a concerted effort will be made to include historically under-served groups including: students in the foster care system, those returning from out-of-state placements, and those students on the Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) track.

The Pathways to the Future Program will help level the playing field between resource-rich metropolitan areas and isolated rural settings that often have few services available.


  1. To coordinate and provide instruction to local school district staff and students in establishing and implementing community-based work exploration programs
  2. To develop a statewide parent network to train parents and students in self-advocacy and post-secondary options
  3. To develop a network of transition resource coordinators to work directly with transition-aged youth in classroom and community-based settings
  4. To ensure that a statewide cross-sector outreach program with a strong emphasis on traditionally under-served populations is implemented
  5. To ensure that partnerships between key public and private agencies are established and coordinated

Contact Information

Jeff McCroskey
Community Access, Inc.
Project Director
Martha Minter
Community Access, Inc.
Assistant Project Director
Megan Coleman Phillips
Community Access, Inc.
Project Network Coordinator
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