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Education Planning

Transition is the journey from high school to adult life. Transition planning should begin when you are 14 years old or even earlier (or later if you haven't started yet!). Transition planning includes your goals for working, learning, and living once you leave high school. The process is based on your needs and should consider your strengths, preferences, and interests. All students (and families) should plan for life after high school. You should also consider what supports and accommodations you might need at your job, school, home, or community.

Career Planning (Working): What jobs or careers interest you? What knowledge, skills and experience do you need to obtain a job in your chosen field? There are many people who can help you gain work experience, training, or other assistance along the way.

Education Planning (Learning): What training or education do you need after high school? Consider where you want to go to school, how to pay for it, and what courses you should take before leaving high school.

Independent Living (Living): Where do you want to live after high school? Will you be in a college dorm, apartment, or at home? What type of assistance will you need? Managing money, navigating transportation, cooking, and home repairs are all skills you may need.

College Scorecard / Find Schools

US Department of Education College Scorecard.

Search and compare schools in the United States. Includes graduation rates, tuition costs, programs and areas of study.


WV Post-Secondary Schools

West Virginia Education Options After High School.

Browse a list of current post-secondary schools in West Virginia. The list is sorted by two year/associate degree programs, four year college/university and graduate schools, certificate programs and more. Includes offices/contacts for accessibility services where available.


College Resources for Students with Disabilities

College Resources for Students with Disabilities.

Find specific information and resources on a variety of different disabilities, learn how to make the transition into the workforce easier, and find out what your legal rights on campus are.


Piggy bank with graduation cap

Paying for School.

Explore college costs, types of aid, and how to apply


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Learning/education related activities.

Browse a list of learning/education related activities and resources.