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Personal Needs


After you finish high school, you will need to decide where you want to live. Some young adults decide to live in an apartment on their own right after high school. Students going to college may decide to live in a dorm with other students. Some decide to stay with their parents or relatives.

If you decide to get an apartment, you will need to review and sign a lease. A landlord is a person that owns the apartment and rents it to you for a monthly fee (rent). The lease outlines your rent, your rights and responsibilities along with who pays for and repairs what. It is illegal for anyone to refuse to rent you an apartment solely because of your disability. However, they are not obligated to make modifications to the apartment to meet your needs.

The It’s My Move project website has many resources and tips on how to maintain a home including housekeeping, in-home safety, and affordable housing. To learn more, visit http://www.itsmymove.org/MyHome.php

  • elect appropriate housing
  • Establish and set up a household
  • Use appliances and tools safely
  • Maintain the interior and exterior of a home


The WV Division of Motor Vehicles website has details on obtaining and renewing a driver’s license and online services available at http://www.transportation.wv.gov/dmv/Pages/default.aspx.

To search public transportation options available by county, visit the WV Division of Public Transit Transportation Providers Directory at http://www.transportation.wv.gov/publictransit/Pages/OnlineDirectory.aspx.

West Virginia Transit Links including:

  • Larger Transit Agencies
  • All Transit Agencies & Local Links, by County & City
  • Rail
  • Ferry
  • Statewide, Intercity, & Regional
  • Drive a car
  • Access public transportation
  • Know other transportation options


TeensHealth is a website for teens about taking care of yourself, making good decisions, food and fitness, and staying safe. Visit www.teenshealth.org to learn more.

  • Understand physical fitness and nutrition
  • Exhibit proper grooming and hygiene
  • Dress appropriately
  • Practice personal safety
  • Be knowledgeable of safe relationship practices


Recreation.gov is a great website with information about federal parks, forests, lakes, and museums. Plan your next trip at www.Recreation.gov.

Connect with other people your age to make a positive change. Visit Do Something.org to explore campaigns and participate at www.dosomething.org/us.

West Virginia Students Against Destructive Decisions (WVSADD) is a youth-based, peer-to-peer organization that promotes youth empowerment and positive decisionmaking. Consider connecting with a WVSADD Chapter in your area. Visit www.WVSADD.org to learn more.

  • Knowledge of community resources
  • Engage in group and individual activities
  • Plan free time appropriately