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West Virginia Department of Education

Special Education

Special education is specially designed instruction, at no cost to parents, that meets the educational needs of students with special needs. It may include special instruction in subjects such as reading and mathematics, physical education and independent living, as well as speech and other therapies. These services are provided to students, ages three through twenty-one years, in the general education classroom, special education resource room for part of the day, separate class, home or other appropriate settings.
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What services are offered?

  • Hand in Hand: Guidance for Parents
    This publication was developed to assist parents, guardians and other family members in learning more about special education and how they can work as partners with educators to provide appropriate educational services for children.
    View the document "Hand in Hand: Guidance for Parents"
  • Parent Educator Resource Centers (PERCs)
    PERCs build partnerships between parents and educators to ensure that children receive the highest educational opportunities and achievement possible. Local education agencies in 37 counties have established centers to work with families of children in the school system, educators, and others.
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  • Section 504 Support
    Section 504 refers to a portion of the federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 that prohibits exclusion of or discrimination against students disabilities in federally funded school activities and programs. Eligible students receive a Section 504 Plan to ensure that the student is educated with his/her nondisabled peers to the maximum extent appropriate for the student.
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  • Transition Resources
    Web page provides inks to online resources, including Age of Majority brochure; IEP checklist for transition and other guidance documents; Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM) and how to use them; and links to other agencies and information.
    View more Transition Resources
  • WV Advisory Council for the Education of Exceptional Children
    The Council’s mission is to influence the State Board of Education, public policy makers, and citizens in ways that continuously improve educational outcomes for children with exceptionalities. The Council meets monthly in various locations across the state to seek input and gain information about programs and services for exceptional students.
    Read more about the WVACEEC
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