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Independent Living Related Activities

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Self Assessment
Adulthood brings with it considerations for living and community participation, as well. Assessing options for living, self knowledge (intrapersonal), self determination, self advocacy, interpersonal and social skills, knowledge of independent living skills areas, goal setting and community participation are as much a part of reaching adulthood and work and learning. Requesting needed accommodations in the community is similar to work and learning settings. Work with education and Rehabilitation Services staff to assess these and other areas.
Financial literacy
Managing your money as an adult involves not only earning money but budgeting, paying bills, paying taxes, making purchases and getting loans. Financial needs also help determine the level of work that might be needed to support the lifestyle you desire.
Community involvement
Decisions about leisure and recreational activities are also a part of adult living.
Personal Responsibility and Self Development
Additional topics for adulthood include:
  • Health care (personal health and healthy lifestyles),
  • Lifelong learning,
  • Interpersonal relationships,
  • Home maintenance and routine tasks,
  • Volunteering in the community,
  • Safety considerations, and
  • Relationships.
Community mobility
Getting around in the community, getting to and from work or school and general transportation considerations are a part of the big picture for post school. Decisions will be based on where an individual lives and works.
Adaptations and ADA eligibility
Independent living and community participation require consideration for any modifications and accommodations just as for work and learning.

Who can help me?

WorkForce WV
Workforce WV offers valuable employment and training services to help you with your job hunt.

WV Division of Rehabilitation Services
WV Division of Rehabilitation Services counselors can help high school students with disabilities prepare and plan for their working future.

WV Adult Education
WV Adult Education helps adult learners gain skills needed to obtain a job, advance in their current job, or enter a new career field. The core academics include reading, mathematics, English, and computer skills.