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Career & Technical Education Courses
Explore courses offered by the WV Department of Education Career & Technical Centers

College Foundation of West Virginia
The College Foundation of West Virginia website is a free college and career planning resource that helps students and families plan, apply, and pay for college. Visit to find state-level financial aid information, apply directly to West Virginia’s colleges and universities, explore careers, practice for the ACT and SAT — and more!

Community & Technical College System of WV
Charleston, WV

Educational Pathways for Youth Transitioning from Juvenile Justice Facilities
Guide for students eligible for transition into a community school leaving a juvenile justice facility.

Education Quest
One stop shop for professionals, and students grades 8-12 on preparing for college; career options, reality check of skills and interests, self-advocacy, tips, FAFSA, ACT, etc.

Going to College
Video clips and activities resources for teens with disabilities to get a head start in planning for the future.

Think College
College options for people with intellectual disabilities.

U.S. Department of Education College Scorecard
This website includes programs/degrees, location, size, graduation rates, and tuition costs to research and compare schools.

WV Department of Education Career Technical Education Programs
Tech centers, technology centers, technical centers, career centers and career/technical centers all have a common purpose: to provide high-quality career/technical studies to high school students. Students may attend these centers for only a portion of the school day, week or year, or they may attend full time, receiving both academic and technical instruction at the center. Check out WV Department of Education’s Career Technical Education website for readiness, career education standards, and programs of study.

WV Department of Education Office of Adult Education

WV Adult Education helps adult learners gain skills needed to obtain a job, advance in their current job, or enter a new career field. The core academics include reading, mathematics, English, and computer skills.

WV Department of Education’s Office of Diversion and Transition Programs
Charleston, WV

This office provides educational services to juveniles and adults in residential and other state operated facilities. The State Department of Education and State Board of Education have assumed an important role in protecting the constitutional rights of this population by providing programs and services that help change their lives.

WV Department of Education Office of Special Education
Charleston, WV

The pupose of the WV Department of Education Office of Special Education is to improve results for children and youth, primarily through leadership and financial support to local education agencies.

WV Higher Education Policy Commission
Charleston, WV

The WV Higher Education Policy Commission is responsible for developing, establishing, and overseeing the implementation of a public policy agenda for four-year colleges and universities.